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30 Jun 2008

Getting Grace

I think for Christians we talk a lot about grace. I mean when we become a Christian it is so important, we are told how amazing it is how crucial it is, how we need to embrace it. It is totally wonderful, unfair, illogical and that is why I like it. Somehow though grace seems to take a back seat after. It's like it is our way in and that is that. But I believe grace is much bigger. I believe we need to accept it daily. I don't think we truly understand it. We give so much emphasis to it but then not enough.

I have been thinking about it a lot recently. I want it to be part of my life everyday. When I sin I need it because it takes away the guilt that I feel. That sounds like a cop out and a license to keep sinning. But I think that is wrong. I think the more that I understand grace the more I realise I don't want to sin. The more I realise I want it to help me grow and become more like the person I am meant to be. I have somehow got into this screwed up thinking that God wants me to hang onto the baggage that I have accumulated. I think I need it to just keep me in with God. I think that if I don't hold onto that crap then God will somehow think I am being abusive of Grace. But thats rubbish. He wants me to be free. Free from sin yeah, but free from my own skewed thinking.

That's why I love Grace. I love it because I mess up, I learn stuff then contradict myself, I let myself down. And grace is there to show me that when those things happen there is hope for me. Hope for everyone. No matter the who, what, where, when or why's of our lives. Because they don't matter to God.

Back to Blagging

I haven't written here in ages. I just stopped. I couldnt' be bothered. And that's OK. But now I feel like I want to start writing again. When I started I said I didn't care if anyone ever read this and hey presto no one did except for a couple of people. Thank you :) You know who you are

But I think I really did care. And so I stopped. But that is stupid so I have decided I need to write just for me. To organise the many random thoughts I have (which there are a lot believe me), and to understand myself better. Sorry if that sounds like some sort of psychological rubbish thats probably because it is. But from now I am writing again. If no one reads this my ego will probably not like it. I kind of want to be a writer and I guess if I do I should want to write for myself in the first place. So here goes...if you find this then you are more than welcome to join me on the ride....


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