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29 May 2009

Glass half Full

Three weeks in and I have hit the half way mark of my internship with Invisible Children. It doesn't feel like three weeks. Sometimes it feels like more, sometimes it feels like less. But I am really enjoying being here.

In some ways I don't want to go home. I haven't really missed home although I have missed certain people (you know who you are, perhaps some don't). One thing is I am starting to start and think what I want to do. Maybe for the first time since school, A uni degree and a two year Bible college course in fact.

I have put it off. For a long time I have felt like I am just putting off the inevitable and sooner or later I will need to decide what I will do for a proper job.

But I think now I am at peace with where I am. Sometimes I have felt like other people my age already have a career and are making money and are sorted.

Now though, I am happy that I am not there. I mean I have learned so much the last few years and there are experiences that I would not have gotten to experience if I had 'settled' down. This internship for one.

So I guess I am just getting comfortable that this is my life and just because it doesn't seem to be the same as a lot of people I went to school or uni, that's OK. I do not want to follow a path that s I am 'supposed' to follow. That's not to diss people who have a career or are even starting families. Those are amazing things and you guys have experienced amazing things that I haven't.


I am just happy that I am not comparing myself anymore with anyone else. This is my life and I am happy with it. I am doing something I want to be doing. Of course sometimes we need to change something about our lives.

But if you think you are missing out on something because other people are experiencing it, be happy where you are. Most likely they are want something you have. You don't have to do it all now. This minute. It will come. Whatever your 'it' is

27 May 2009


Sometimes when you go to shows the music makes you want to cry.

Not because it is really sad or really happy but simply because it is so *&"(*"$ awesome it just hits you somewhere deep inside and makes you excited and glad to be a person.

Last night I saw Anathallo in London and at various points I felt like crying.

That's all that needs to be said....

22 May 2009

God and Invisible Children

Almost two weeks into my internship with Invisible Children and it's hard to believe that I am a third of the way through. To be honest I wish it would go on longer. That I could stay for the whole summer. But alas Shop 4 U is barely surviving without me as it is.

This second week has been good. I have been trying to think of more contacts to get in touch with and more ideas of what I can do here.

The thing I love about working for Invisible Children is that I have my own project but I am given the complete freedom to think outside the box and to use my imagination to spread the word about what is going on in Northern Uganda. They recognise that we have gifts and talents and minds and we should use them for good. That's really encouraging and it has made me think about what I want to do with my life. Or maybe I should say how I want my life to look.

I am starting slowly to realise that I am a person who has been blessed with so much and a mind and was born with a God given creative ability. We all have. I'm also starting to see that God doesn't want me to be afraid and doesn't want me to be unfulfilled with life. This is a pretty big break through for me because I have generally had a negative view of God. And by that I mean that he is disappointed with me, or doesn't want me to be fully alive or hasn't given me the ability to be someone.

But he has. And I want to remember that. Not to go through every day being scared. Not to hide but to allow God to inspire me. He created me and he did that so I could experience life. He gave me life. Why? Because he wanted me to be a part of life.

And that brings me back to Invisible Children. I want to be part of something like this because they are about ordinary people using their voices. Whatever we have or whereever we came from isn't important. If everyone put their voice together then we can actually change the world. It's happened and it's happening.

Sorry inspirational excitement moment over for now.

In other news, my goal of seeing a celebrity before I come home is still sadly unfulfilled. Davy just saw Sebastian Coe. The closest I have come is a lookalike of the Scottish guy off Dragon's Den. But I will not give up. I will just need to buy a copy of Heat and see the hotspots.

Tonight I am hanging with my best friend from Uni who I haven't seen in 4 years. Crazy! Will be awesome though.

18 May 2009

Invisible Children Week 2, Day 1 -The Screening

I can't believe it is already a week since I started. From feeling really nervous and being over an hour early because I wanted to make sure I knew where to go, to feeling like I had been in this place for a long time.

Today was a pretty cool day as I got to experience my first Invisible Screening as someone who works for Invisible Children. We were in Sydenham High School in London,an all girl school.

Molly, Ashlee (I'm used to be outnumbered by women but this was ridiculous) and I went along representing IC and it went really well. The girls were all really into it and asked some really good questions at the end. We showed the 'Who we are' video and also 'the RESCUE'

I had seen the RESCUE before but this was the first time I saw it on a big screen. It was amazing. Felt like watching it for the first time and I appreciated watching it because it reminded me why I am doing this. It felt like the first time and I got chills when it started.

It's so easy to sit in the office and work away and getting contacts that you become detached from it. Molly mentioned this when she told us how this was her 90th time watching it and she has kind shuts off when the film is showing. She doesn't like this and I can see why. We forget that this is real and that these things are actually happening.

It really struck me in the film when it gets to the part about the massacre of the villages last Christmas.

That's Christmas 2008.

I remember exactly what I did that day. Where I was. Who I was with.

I was with my family, having fun. Not a care in the world.

Though somewhere in the world, people were being killed, people were having their bodies mutilated. People having their lives ripped apart. And at the exact moments those things were happening I was with my family. Having a wonderful time.

Now that's not to make myself feel guilty or make anyone else feel guilty. We are meant to enjoy this world and life was made to be good. But it is very very sobering all the same.

I write this so I can look back and remember that we can never forget what is going on in the world. We can't allow oursleves to get so withdrawn into our own worlds and what is going on with 'me' that we forget what is happening to 'them'.

I remembered a little today why I am happy to be here doing this.

So that was today. Then it was off home and going to hear my sister sing at her showcase for her course.

I was pretty excited because I have heard her talk about her showcases and how much she enjoys them and it was pretty awesome that I was going to be there for her Jazz performance.

Right now it is after 11 and I think that tiredness is finally starting to catch up with me. I think from tomorrow I might get a couple of early nights.

Over and out

16 May 2009

Invisible Children Week 1

So I had hoped to write a bit more often than once a week and this next week that will be my aim but this first week I have just been getting settled into the office, finding out what I will be doing and doing it and meeting new people and so that has meant I have neglected a few things. Time for myself, time for people who are important to me and time to write.

So I want to change that. But first I want to update anyone who reads this on what my first week at Invisible Children has looked like

So I arrived on Monday and met Davy, Simon and Ami. I was pretty nervous but right from the off I was made to feel welcome and realised quickly that I was going to enjoy it. The office is right at the top of a flight of stairs and has a nice feel to it. Davy told me that its pretty relaxed and I soon realised this. Davy is my boss but he is chill, he works hard, he knows his stuff but he isn't scary.

Effectively I am working with Simon the tour manage and he has given me the project of getting contacts for the Autumn tour to Ireland. I like this. It makes me feel that I am bringing something important to the development of Invisible Children that is unique to me.

So my first day pretty much involved me getting settled, helping sort out the merchandise and moving a few desks around. It was more manual work but it felt good becasue like I said it felt like I was helping to establish Invisible Children in Europe. Just my wee bit but I was doing it.

The next day I came in and got myself my desk and started on my project. I like that we have projects and side projects. So I set about the task of thinking of schools, festivals, clubs, camps, bands, teachers anyone I know who may be interested in having a screening. Already I have had some exciting responses. One in particular which I am really excited about but which I won't divulge any more until it is more concrete. Sorry

So it was good. It was fun. It was chilled. It's an amazing working environment.

I even revolutionised the office music system by introducing Spotify to the office. (My biggest achievement so far may be persuading Davy, Simon and Ami to download it on their computer)

Wednesday came with more of the same. Finally though I was beginning to really feel at home and not be scared and get up and leave the office for 5 minutes if I need something. I also met Ashlee who flew in from Austria (though I still doubt that since she didn't recognise the Austrian flag) and will be working with me to make contacts only for England, Scotland and Wales.

Thursday and I met the Scotland and Irish Roadies who returned the previous night. It was good to me Nick who I had spoken on the phone with and been in touch when trying to organise the previous tour, Charley who I had met at the RESCUE in Dublin and Molly who I had never met before.

So that's my week so far. Next week I will be writing more regularly because I don't want to forget anything and I want to be able to look back and just remember this experience as clearly as I can.

But so far I am excited. There are a lot of cool things in the pipeline for Invisible Children and I just want people to know about it. It's easy to lose sight on why I am involved, why I am thankful that Brittany's excitement and desire to change the world has brought me here.

I am here because I want to help end a war. That may sound pretentious to some.

I simply don't care.

I want to help. Screw that. It is my duty to help.

Just writing this gets me fired up and maybe it is the fact that I have grown up in a country which has been at war. How in some ways the way children are being brainwashed to hate isn't to far from what happens to kids in Northern Ireland. They may not lose their lives and their familied but they lose their perspective on people who are different than them.

And more often than not, it's not their fault.

OK I think that's enough for now.

I may blog tomorrow on some of my other thoughts on just being in London.

And I promise that more regular updates are to come

9 May 2009

in London

Yesterday I moved to London...well for 6 weeks at least but I think it sounds better if I say I live here now....if only for 6 weeks.

I'm staying with my wee sis in Acton, London while I do my placement with Invisible Children. I'm pretty excited but I'm the kind of person that usually doesn't get really excited about something until I am actually into it and going. But it is pretty cool to be here.

Today we headed into the city centre, walked aroung Leicester Square, bought a birthday present, had lunch and headed up Carnaby street for a dander. I've been to London a fair few times before so everything doesn't have quite the 'awe' factor that London usually provokes.

So my sis went home to do some work and I hung about, got a coffee (a caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks to be exact) and had a sit in Golden square, watching the world go by.

It was nice and sunny and I was a bit annoyed I hadn't brought a book. Next time.
So that's that really. Pretty uneventful so far and I think it hasn't completely sunk in that this will be my home for the next 6 weeks.

Still I am just eager to get started with my placement. I don't know exactly what it will hold but I know it will be good. Until Monday then...

1 May 2009

We've ALL been RESCUED!!!

Last week I wrote a bit about the RESCUE that was happening in 100 cities. Well I went and we were rescued. It was awesome. We started a revolution to save abducted children. It was good. That was 6 days ago

And 6 days later every city was rescued. Well almost!

Chicago waited and they waited and they moved, and then waited some more, then moved again, then waited, then moved once more and waited. For 6 days hundreds of people waited to be rescued. Reinforcements came. Thousands of emails to Oprah Winfrey pleading to be rescued, as many if not more tweets to get her to come out.

It took 6 days but finally the peoples voice was heard and today on her Friday LIVE broadcast she will rescue Chicago. Amazing. We thought she didn't hear but she did. In fact there were times when many thought she was ignoring us. It seemed that way. But you know what?

Her timing could not have been more perfect.

The one day that the show goes LIVE and she decides to answer. She could have answered 6 days ago but her voice will be clearer now than it would have been then. In other words the best possible scenario is what is going on now! If she had answered on Saturday then all the media wouldnt have been out to see what the heck all these people were doing hanging around Chicago for nearly a week.

What's happening to the Child Soldiers will be heard by thousands of more people than if it happened earlier. All it required was a little bit of patience. A bit of hope. A belief that something was around the corner.

And for all the people waiting their hope was rewarded. Their belief was shown to be true. That's awesome to me. Sometimes we need to have hope. We want something to happen now. But we don't realise that it might not be the best if it happens now. If it happens now, we might miss out on something that is going to happen then. What if we just stick it out. What if we stopped now just because we don't see results now? That would be a tragedy

I'm glad the kids in Chicago didn't stop. I'm glad they kept going. They are inspiring to me. I want to be like them. I want to not give up even if all the evidence says I should. But the evidence isn't all their is. It may be all we see sometimes, but it is definatley not all there is.

That's a good enough reason to keep going.

Well done Chicago!
Well done Oprah!


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