29 May 2009

Glass half Full

Three weeks in and I have hit the half way mark of my internship with Invisible Children. It doesn't feel like three weeks. Sometimes it feels like more, sometimes it feels like less. But I am really enjoying being here.

In some ways I don't want to go home. I haven't really missed home although I have missed certain people (you know who you are, perhaps some don't). One thing is I am starting to start and think what I want to do. Maybe for the first time since school, A uni degree and a two year Bible college course in fact.

I have put it off. For a long time I have felt like I am just putting off the inevitable and sooner or later I will need to decide what I will do for a proper job.

But I think now I am at peace with where I am. Sometimes I have felt like other people my age already have a career and are making money and are sorted.

Now though, I am happy that I am not there. I mean I have learned so much the last few years and there are experiences that I would not have gotten to experience if I had 'settled' down. This internship for one.

So I guess I am just getting comfortable that this is my life and just because it doesn't seem to be the same as a lot of people I went to school or uni, that's OK. I do not want to follow a path that s I am 'supposed' to follow. That's not to diss people who have a career or are even starting families. Those are amazing things and you guys have experienced amazing things that I haven't.


I am just happy that I am not comparing myself anymore with anyone else. This is my life and I am happy with it. I am doing something I want to be doing. Of course sometimes we need to change something about our lives.

But if you think you are missing out on something because other people are experiencing it, be happy where you are. Most likely they are want something you have. You don't have to do it all now. This minute. It will come. Whatever your 'it' is


(: thanks pauly. this was a good one. one i needed to read.


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