What's Love Got to do with it?

What if we've missed the point? What if Love Wins is enough? And why Rob Bell may just be right.

Right On our doorstep

Think that slavery is a thing of the past? Think that the UK is too civilised to be part of trafficking? Think again

5 reasons why being married to Brit is great (or 5 reasons to marry an American)

5 things you will never know until you marry an American

Masturbation Month

Giving up masturbation for a month. Why we need to save the kittens.

XXXchurch! Whaaa?

Why I love porn (ministries).

10 Jul 2010

Short but sweet.

Before you ask, no the title of this post doesn't refer to Michael J Fox in the awesome Back to the Future Movies.

It's more important than that. Simply these guys are doing great work and giving hope to those who need it.


If you are struggling with addiction to sex then do yourself a favour and get sex addiction help. Or maybe you know someone who needs help with their internet addiction. If so then help them get internet addiction help. 
Or maybe you struggle with other depression or suicidal thoughts. You don't have to beat it alone. There are others who know how you feel.


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