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23 Dec 2007

Flight of the Conchords

Thanks to my friend Brittany for introducing me to these funny New Zealanders


So its very nearly here. I can sense a real change in my attitude to Christmas every year
I mean growing up it was always about presents, church, getting the Radio Times, Santa coming, and hanging with my cousins. And most of those things are still going on (yeah... even Santa)
But its just not the same. I'm not as excited as I used to be.
I can't quite figure out why, maybe its just part of growing up.
I do know though that I dont really care too much about getting lots of stuff anymore. Most of the stuff I never use again. I can't even remember what I got and who I got it from.
So this year maybe I'm looking forward to seeing a few friends who I havent seen in a while, just hanging out and getting away from the selfish Christmas that I've always been used to

14 Dec 2007

Unselfish Friends

So just back from the rugby with some friends from college and Ulster lost...again. They didn't play badly really but the ref had a nightmare.

What was more important though was getting to hang out with friends, some who I don't know when I will see again. Its times like that when you think its important to really appreciate every moment.

I often take friendships for granted. Its the people I see every day who just become people who are part of my life but I don't really appreciate who they are, what makes then unique. Sometimes I fall into that trap and it sucks because esentially I just use them to make myself feel good. I like their personalities but really I like them because they make me feel loved or important. My problem is I don't really give much back. I take without giving.

I think we need to get our affirmation of who we are at the deepest level from God. When I look to other people for that I end up trying to control what my friends think of me, which just messes me up. I want the freedom from knowing that it isn't important to make sure that every one likes you, that every one thinks you are great. You can't manipulate people to love you because thats not real authentic friendship.

So I want to be a friend who loves because I can, not for what I can get out of it, because at the moment I need affirmation from my friends more than I'm willing to give it.

13 Dec 2007

My new blog which doesn't have a title yet! Welcome!

Welcome to my lovely new blog

Isn't it pretty

More soon

Just testing so don't worry it will get more interesting


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