9 May 2009

in London

Yesterday I moved to London...well for 6 weeks at least but I think it sounds better if I say I live here now....if only for 6 weeks.

I'm staying with my wee sis in Acton, London while I do my placement with Invisible Children. I'm pretty excited but I'm the kind of person that usually doesn't get really excited about something until I am actually into it and going. But it is pretty cool to be here.

Today we headed into the city centre, walked aroung Leicester Square, bought a birthday present, had lunch and headed up Carnaby street for a dander. I've been to London a fair few times before so everything doesn't have quite the 'awe' factor that London usually provokes.

So my sis went home to do some work and I hung about, got a coffee (a caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks to be exact) and had a sit in Golden square, watching the world go by.

It was nice and sunny and I was a bit annoyed I hadn't brought a book. Next time.
So that's that really. Pretty uneventful so far and I think it hasn't completely sunk in that this will be my home for the next 6 weeks.

Still I am just eager to get started with my placement. I don't know exactly what it will hold but I know it will be good. Until Monday then...


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