23 Jan 2009


I was asked to write another blog by someone but I am feeling distinctly lacking in inspiration for anything to write. Life has been busy lately and I guess I could write about some of that. But most of what I want to write about I want to wait until it all goes down. But there are some pretty exciting things coming up. I'll keep you posted.

But anyway I have been back at college for Dessies two week course on Jewish culture and it has been amazing. I love bringing Christianity back to its Jewish roots and realising we have got so much of our preaching and out interpreting of the Bible wrong. It's inspiring to start reading the Bible.

So on that note I want to share two blogs/websites that have been inspiring my thinking and my life recently.

First up

Stuff Christians Like

This guy is so talented. He has this nack of putting everything that I have been thinking about Christianity and church into words. This is a hilarious site but its more. He isn't just taking the piss, he is trying to get us to see the ridiculousness in how we act as Christians sometimes. Please check this out. It will make you laugh and it will make you stop and think. Two things which it is very hard to get you to do at the same time. On a side note check out his other blogs 97 seconds and prodigal john.


There isn't much more that I need to say. This site and this ministry has been an amazing help to me. They are stepping up and doing something that nobody else is willing to do. They are changing peoples lives and going places that other ministries wouldn't be seen dead at. Recently the blog by Shellie R Warren on the site has been the main reason I visit it. She doesn't just deal with sexuality with care and grace but she more than anything else I have read is moving me to stay away from that crap. Please read her blog. Even if you don't struggle with porn (though I think most guys do at some point) her words and the way she thinks will make you think.

Very short post but at the moment these two places are inspiring me to move forward and to do something. To realise my dreams and start realising myself. Realising myself by bringing who I am meant to be and what I know I can be to life.

I hope they bless you as much as they have me.

Peace out


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