8 Jan 2011

New Year's Resolutions one week in/ Remembering how funny Flight of the Conchords is

It has been just over three years since I began this blog.

A lot has changed. In one of my first blogs before a video of Flight of the Conchords I wrote this
"Thanks to my friend Brittany for introducing me to these funny New Zealanders"

My friend Brittany is now also my wife.

Which is amazing and a lot to change in your life.

Even though a lot has changed, a lot hasn't. I'm still working in the same job that I was three years ago, even though I have been wanting a change for a while. I still struggle to write even though I want to be a writer and in fact my blog posts was down in 2010 from 2009. I still struggle with my own self worth, with God, with love, with life.

This is a late New Year's post but I am excited about the year coming up.

Brittany and I have become part of a new Church Plant recently. Brittany is going to be finishing up with Uni and there is some really exciting potential xxxchurch stuff coming our way this year. I am still blogging for xxxchurch.com. I still have family and friends. I still have God.

So I have a lot to feel positive about even though a lot of the time I get bogged down by my own mistakes and doubts.

Many of you will have made New Year Resolutions this last week and a lot of you will have fallen behind on them already.

I just wanted to encourage you because a lot of people write about how to start New Year's Resolutions and how rosy everything will be, but not many write the "one week in and already I haven't been to the gym for three days failure" post.

This year may be the best of your life or the worst in your life.

But know that today doesn't have to define you. So what if you didn't go to the gym. Or you have stalled on Genesis 2 when you should be on Genesis 8, in your Bible Reading Plan.

Maybe in the past few years your life hasn't progressed like you would have wanted but tomorrow is a new day and God still loves you.

Time to live in that and move forward.

And on that note here is a video which my wife Brittany showed me when we were just friends.


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