19 Feb 2011

Not wanting to work for 'then' and the evils of 'now'

Sometimes when you start a project, have an idea for a ministry or a goal in mind we expect to see the results now. But the things that are worth working at in life don't appear overnight.

They require us to work at. They require us not to give up. They demand persistance.

Most of the time when we see someone who has achieved something that we admire all we see is the final result. A favourite band releasing an amazing album. A runner beating her marathon record. And for us that is all that exists. Someone achieving something that we wish we could have done or at least similar to what we wish we could do.

That is our truth.

But that is probably not the artist's truth.

Their truth is probably a lot of sleepless nights, pages and pages of words written but then thrown out, arguments with bandmates, voices telling them they are not good as so and so, hours staring at a blank slate, hours on facebook 'liking' other people's status's rather than going out in the rain to run, people not replying to emails or calls.

But they work at it and finally, finally it comes together. And the world sees the result and is amazed at the gift or talent of the artist.

But they haven't seen the tears and sweat.

And so we tell ourselves we couldn't do that.

But we can. We all can.

We just need to persist.

Don't give up. We deserve to see your work.

Because it can be that good.


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