9 Mar 2011

Love Wins, Love Wins, Love Wins

Have you ever been in a place where you thought there was no hope and you couldn't get out?

If you have or currently are, then I know how you feel. I know because porn is a battle that I face daily. I've written a lot about porn and I will keep writing about it because it's something that I care about. Not porn itself of course but helping people get away from it. Being passionate about seeing myself and others be free and allowing Jesus to take control.

Porn is devestating.

There have been times that I have looked at porn and thought to myself, "This is it, this is all I will know".

If you are there right now, maybe not with porn but maybe something else, it sucks doesn't it? Thinking that there is no where to turn and no way to be fixed. You've tried everything but you still go back to the computer and the sites you have vowed never to go back to.

Or maybe you are stuck in a job you hate. You have a dream but you are stuck in a place every day that is slowly killing you. Or maybe you are struggling with an illness. Maybe things looked good for a while but the illness comes back. You thought it was beaten, but it wasn't.

It's in these times that it's hard to see Jesus. It's hard to see hope. You just want to give up.

If you're out and about today you probably saw a lot of people with weird marks on their forehead. But they are more than marks. They are crosses. But they are even more than crosses.

They are visible reminders that there is hope.

They are reminders that our sins are defeated.

Yeah they will tap you on the shoulder and try to convince you otherwise, but they are defeated.

Today is the start of Lent and I think this Lent is going to be all about reminders. So I am going to start living as if the cross actually happened. So often I forget my sin has been dealt with. The moments I sin are needless. They are me forgetting who I am and what Jesus death means. 

Love Wins.

This Ash Wednesday that is what I am going to remember when I see a cross. That no matter how many  times I screw up Love wins. No matter how often I feel like my life is going nowhere and I am stuck, Love wins. No matter how often I let myself believe the opposite. Love wins.

Love Wins.

Love Wins.

Love Wins.

I can't say it enough. Because we can't believe it enough.

Maybe before I can do anything, before I can start living the way Jesus wants me to or before the pain goes away, I need to remember that.

I think we all do.

Happy Ash Wednesday everyone.

Love Wins.


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