19 Apr 2011

When Rob Bell went too far(sighted)

Like many of you I have been very concerned with some of what we have been witnessing in the media, and seeing in interviews and television shows regarding Rob Bell.

I am a huge Rob Bell fan and his books have inspired me to think and live out what it means to be a Christian more than any other writer ever. But since his latest book Love Wins was released I have noticed an alarming change. Where once I knew that Rob would be coming from a place that I could trust what he says, recent events have caused me to consider that there may be another side to him that I am not so comfortable with.

He has a huge following and has done a lot of good, that can not be denied; but very subtly I have seen a shift in him. It is one that is extremely dangerous and will undoubtedly worry many of us throughout the world of Christianity.

Perhaps John Piper was onto something.

I first noticed this alarming shift when I watched a video of him answering questions about Love Wins in Nashville on his recent tour to promote the book. My initial concerns were then intensified when I saw a picture of him signing copies of Love Wins at a bookstore. My biggest fear was then shown to be sadly true as I watched and listened to another interview that was broadcast online.

Friends, I am afraid to declare that Rob Bell seems to be abandoning some of Christianity’s great theological roots.

Bonheoffer will be turning in his grave.

Because it seems that Rob Bell is giving up his trademark glasses!

I know. I know. This is truly shocking. But the evidence is undeniable. For years he has inadvertently encouraged pastors to buy thick rimmed glasses to be more hip with their congregations, only now to seemingly turn against everything he has believed in.

He has even been a great influence in my own glass wear choices over the last few years. I wouldn’t have bought my first pair of Ray Bans if it wasn’t for him.

Sure there are pastors like John Piper who come from a long background of pretty conservative thinnly rimmed spectacle theologians. And while there has been some discussion over whether you can still remain part of the reformed tradition while wearing the more emergent thick stylish glasses, the two traditions have been able to co exist, somewhat peacefully.

However, it seems now that Bell has really lost the plot by refusing to wear glasses at all.

Reports on whether he has gone for contacts or laser surgery are still unconfirmed.

I just wanted to warn you all but I am at least glad that there is now a conversation taking place about pastors and spectacles, that was much needed.

However I can not ignore the blatant disregard Rob Bell has for all of us now in the glasses wearing Christian community.

See ya, Rob Bell.


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